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Unique By Design

I’m a freelancer that provides a variety of website services, such as front-end website development, website theming, JavaScript optimization, and user experience enhancement.

I offer competitive and high-quality services to help put your business on the leading trend of website development.

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Custom tooling

I create websites that are scalable and that can easily adjust to the needs of your business. By implementing a custom tooling for your website, I can ensure that your business website remains scalable and efficent regardless of what you decide to add later on.

Read my article about how custom tooling can save your business money in the future.

* For many small business websites, I do not currently time charge for the initial creation of the custom tooling.

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JavaScript Development (Front-end and Back-end)

The overall designing and optimization of web sites and applications utilizing HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. For content related websites, I also provide legacy programming to allow users of older browsers to both access and view your essential content.

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Website Theming

I can create modern and efficient themes for any web platform that allows for custom CSS to be loaded or applied (examples include sites, Reddit, phpBB, vBullitin, and more). Additionally, I can also design themes from the ground-up, using only custom tailored CSS rules that are unique to your website.

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Javascript Optimization

For many small to medium scale web applications, I can provide code reduction services to remove unoptimized code in exchange for code that allows greater flexibility and reusability.

User Experience User Experience

UX Enhancement

I can provide small-scale solutions for web applications that need more streamlined and consistent user interfaces. By understanding the needs of your users, I can create (and potentially implement) a more simplified and modern interface that will leave your users coming back for more.