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Creating a localised website using Gatsby and Cosmic JS

Creating a static React App without worrying about language boundaries

Using Cosmic JS and Zapier to integrate your content across the Web

Space isn't the final frontier anymore, Zapier is.

Recursive reading

An experimental strategy to potentially improve my personal and professional research.

The dangers of selling your hobby

The subtle dangers of transitioning from a hobby to a part or full time career.

Stop worshipping Airbnb styles

An angry love letter of a JavaScript developer

Building your own news blog with Cosmic JS + React

Build your own news blog with Cosmic JS + React with this minimal starter application.

Ozone — The multi-instance state management system

An experiment gone haywire might be the coolest thing I’ve made.

Build a multi-language survey with Cosmic JS + Survey.js

Eliminate the language barrier

The 40 line replacement for React (+Redux) — A week later

The little library that could, and now it does even more.

A React (+ Redux) replacement in 40 lines of code

The little-library that could.